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We LearnFirstProfessional IT Institute in Bangladesh. At this moment we are providing 6 Major IT Courses through online and also working as an agency. .

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We are focused on furnishing our understudies with a stage where predominance is the mantra. We sustain the youthful ability by sharing information, giving backings in learning procedures, co-working them for universal standard undertakings, making effective consultants and driving our childhood towards a universe of business enterprise and in this manner lessening imbalances.

Our way of life is essential to us and our group of specialists drives our way of life. The talented human asset make our expectations important that truly encourages us to set our standard universally.

Design Course
Digital Marketing Course
Video Editing Course
Web Design Course

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What we offer

Graphic Design

The primary reason here is to make you ready to utilize visual communication instruments and methods in an expert manner.

UI/UX Design

UX and UI Design is intended for those individuals, who needs to structure anything to keep clients on main goal and chipping away at to fulfill them.

Digital Marketing

Advanced Marketing is a control over the customary advertising quickly. By doing Search engine optimization, amazone affiliate with facebook marketing.

Web Development

Website composition implies making sites with easy to understand structure and with tasteful methodology with responsive manners.

Video Editing

Is it accurate to say that you are a film buff? Hoping to make your own YouTube channel? Do our course and be a youtuber.

Computer Basic

The LearnFirst is the mix of fundamental IT information, Microsoft Office Knowledge and the structuring ideas. It covers all basic parts.


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Our Courses

What we do
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft Office

Our Mentors

Our Recent IT Experts
Irfan Ahmed
Web Design Mentor

Irfan has 3 years experience in HTML, CSS, PHP and Wordpress. Also he is well known for his mentorship in web design and development.

Md. Tanvir Alam Hira
Graphic and UI/UX Design Mentor

Tanvir has 8 years experience in Design Industries. Also he is well known for his mentorship in Chartered University College and Chartered Professional Academy.

Shahnewaz Mansoor
Digital Marketing Mentor

Shahnewaz has 2 years experience in SEO, Amazon Affiliate and Facebook Advertising. Also he is well known for his mentorship in Online Marketing Platforms.

Sultan Mahmud
Professional Video Editing

Sultan has 13 years experience in Video Editing. Also he is well known for Youtube Channel Monetization and mentorship in Digital Film Making.

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Hi viewers,Yesterday i have got a mail from Brian Dean about "10 Outstanding Complete Content Examples"So i am just sharing with you all.

Have a look, what Mr. Dean says :

"Hey Tanvir,

This week we’ve been talking a lot about Complete Content.
(In other words, content that Google considers comprehensive)
And today I want to show you 10 outstanding Complete Content examples.
These posts are all SUPER comprehensive. Plus, they get significant amounts of traffic from Google.
The best part?
I curated content from several different industries.
(Including a few industries that most people consider “boring”)

So without further ado, here’s the list:

Now I’d like to hear from you:
Which piece of Complete Content from this list was your favorite? Let me know.
I read every email.

Talk Soon,

 (stylized as Bēhance) is an online platform to showcase & discover creative work. It is owned by Adobe.

People join Behance and build profiles consisting of Projects. A Project is a grouping of images, videos, and other digital content with a particular theme or process. Every Project has a unique URL that can be shared. Each Project has a view and Appreciation counter so you can track how many people have viewed your Project and given you an Appreciation, or kudos on a job well done.
Members of Behance can Follow your profile and you can, in turn, follow other members. When you Follow someone, their updates (Projects they’ve uploaded, Appreciated, or Added to a Collection) appear in your For You page.

(Collected from Wikipedia)

So, millions of people using Behance for promoting their graphics design profile, even the world of design depends on Behance. We have seen several job description such as 
"Behance profile is first, then we will do further discussion about job" So, Behance portfolio and much more appreciation will help you to get a good design related jobs.

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In the advanced world, our lives are substantially more interwoven with the computerized world than they were even ten years back. Actually, over half – 53% – of the total populace can right now get to the web from different cell phones, with 42% of individuals approaching the web. 
With such a large number of individuals playing, working, and shopping on the web, it's no big surprise that advanced has moved to the cutting edge of the advertising office's needs. From keeping up pertinence in their client's psyche to building a beneficial brand, organizations, associations, and organizations are beginning to put a ton in advanced advertising. 
Regardless of whether you've set your sights for a future profession as a computerized advertiser or need to step up your aptitudes, certain strategies and steps can be taken to discover achievement in any position. Between working for yourself as a specialist and finding an abnormal state advanced promoting position in an association, there are an assortment of employments accessible to those with important and modern aptitudes. 
Here are 7 key tips that will enable you to practice, strategize, and streamline your vocation as a computerized advertiser. 
1. Go to Networking Events
Despite the fact that learning and data on computerized promoting are generally accessible from sources, for example, webcasts and online articles, putting resources into a trek to an expert gathering offers you benefits that other enlightening sources just can't. 

At these gatherings or systems administration occasions, you have the chance to tune in to worldwide industry specialists, accept exhortation from top tier computerized advertising experts and get a look at the bearing that the advanced promoting industry is going in. They are regularly brimming with intriguing occasions, workshops, and exercises, all adapted to enable you to upgrade your range of abilities and grow your comprehension of why you do what you do. 
Not exclusively can these nearby or global gatherings redo your expert aptitudes; however, they offer you the chance to construct better proficient relational connections. 
2. Gain from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs
In case you're thinking about or simply beginning in a vocation in advanced showcasing, making the interest in an expert computerized promoting gathering may seem like too enormous of a jump. 
Fortunately, there is an assortment of dynamic and instructive substance online equipped towards making your vocation in advanced promoting a triumph. 
These advanced showcasing 'thought pioneers' have the experience, ability, and learning expected to make computerized content that is incredibly open for novices. Furthermore, since the greater part of these idea heads are advanced advertisers themselves, they know precisely how to make their useful substance simple to discover on web crawlers and crosswise over internet-based life stages. 
Odds are you've just observed articles from advanced advertising specialists like Neil Patel and Service as a Software (SaaS) suppliers, for example, HubSpot. These experts have made substance coordinated towards industry newcomers and abnormal state advertisers alike, helping you achieve your objectives as a computerized advertiser in a field that can at times feel like it is consistently evolving. 
3. Interface with Like-Minded Individuals
As an advanced advertiser, an extensive piece of what you do is creating networks on the web. Regardless of whether it's around your own image or for a worldwide association, a functioning network can represent the deciding moment your business. So, is there any valid reason why you wouldn't have any desire to be effectively associated with a similar network of computerized advertisers? 
Dynamic advanced promoting networks either on the web or disconnected can enable you to perceive the significance of what you do and how it fits inside the 'comprehensive view' of your business and your life. 
When you're ready to convey your disappointments straightforwardly or essentially pose an inquiry around a zone of computerized promoting you're new to, you can pick up trust in your capacities and drive yourself to both learn and attempt new methodologies and procedures. 
Remain associated with patterns and advancement in computerized. Join participation. 
4. Locate a Digital Marketing Internship
Like with any temporary job position, numerous people accept them for the open door to be presented to an expert situation that drives their capacities forward. A temporary job is regularly testing, however when you're encompassed by the correct group of expert advertisers, you can gain from both the missteps and victories they've encountered throughout the years. 
Not just a temporary job can enable you to extend your advanced advertising portfolio and experience, however it can enable you to figure out what you acknowledge in a workplace. 
As there are such huge numbers of features of advanced advertising, you may find that you acknowledge isolation when attempting to compose inventive substance, or rather that you flourish finishing a communitarian content system to push another item or administration. 
In spite of the fact that you can set aside the effort to learn and encounter aspects of advanced promoting for yourself, a temporary job will put you up close and personal with this present reality barricades that advertisers must survive and the procedures that assistance them become the eminent showcasing group that they are. 

5. Become a Member of a Professional Body 
Did you realize that turning into a guaranteed individual from an expert body isn't only for administration-based vocations like draftsmen, specialists, or specialists? 
Advanced showcasing is a fundamental and developing industry around the globe, implying that being an individual from an expert computerized advertising delegate body can enable you to emerge from the challenge when endeavoring to find your fantasy work. 
Regularly, turning into a piece of an expert body must be accomplished in the wake of finishing an authentication program. For computerized advertisers, a Digital Marketing Professional Certification instructional class can qualify you to be a guaranteed advanced promoting proficient. These courses regularly spread basic aspects of computerized showcasing, including: 
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC advertising
  • Email advertising
  • Web-based social networking the executives
6. Keep awake to Date on the State of Digital Marketing 
Similarly, that programs, applications, and online life stages are consistently advancing, so is the manner by which computerized advertisers must collaborate with groups of onlookers. From staying aware of well-known online abbreviations to knowing how man-made brainpower (AI) is affecting the manner in which individuals use innovation, the universe of advanced showcasing is regularly changing, and it takes versatile computerized advertisers to keep up. 
To turn into a top tier advanced advertiser, ensure that you are keeping awake to date with industry issues, important substance, and different updates. 
The uplifting news? Staying aware of the computerized promoting industry isn't hard. Unimaginably educational web recordings regarding the matter are generally accessible, and sites, for example, Buffer and the Content Marketing Institute compose clear and well-looked into pieces on essentially anything you'd need to think about advanced promoting. 
Regardless of whether you buy in to these distributions to get customary notices of new substance in your letter drop or want to tune into a web recording on your regularly scheduled drive, this newly discovered comprehension of your industry and its inward activities can enable you to turn into an advanced showcasing master. 
7. Practice Continuous Learning 
In spite of the fact that training can be a profitable advantage for any profession in computerized showcasing, learning shouldn't stop when school is finished. Putting resources into preparing all through your advanced advertising vocation can enable you to turn into an emerge computerized advertiser with a shifted, sought after range of abilities. 
As we referenced over, the computerized showcasing industry is persistently developing, implying that your insight into the business ought to be, as well. A vocation in computerized promoting enables you to pursue your interests by exploiting accessible instructional meetings. 
Inquisitive to know how PPC commercials work? Need to realize what factors make a powerful deals page that gets results? 
There are a lot of computerized abilities instructional classes accessible both on the web and disconnected, so don't be hesitant to put resources into your vocation. 
Turning into a Best-In-Class Digital Marketer
Is it true that you are anxious to impel your computerized advertising vocation to the following dimension? The strategies above are intended to enable you to learn, develop, and exceed expectations as an advanced advertiser, both on the web and disconnected. A profession in computerized showcasing can be fulfilling, enabling you to comprehend both your very own objectives and your general surroundings somewhat better. 
Regardless of whether you are planning to begin an effective self-run computerized promoting business and brand or need to skyrocket to an administration position on your advanced showcasing group, the industry is loaded with open doors for the individuals who are eager to invested the effort to sharpen their specialty and adjust to evolving requests. 
In case you're keen on trustworthy advanced advertising preparing, an expert certificate or postgraduate recognition in computerized promoting from the Digital Marketing Institute may assist you with bridging the hole between your present proficient circumstance and your fantasies.
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Since you have that melody latched onto your subconscious mind, how about we start!
At OneLifeTools we characterize profession as:
"The full articulation of your identity and how you need to be on the planet, which continues extending as it normally experiences cycles of dependability and change."
As we lead preparing, share in our Community of Practice calls and acquaint new vocation experts with our clan, we begin here. I welcome you to envision that you're a customer who has never pondered vocation improvement from this point of view. Help me out and re-read that definition once again, with this new job you're attempting on. Presently how about we separate it together.
The full articulation...
Think life, not work! 'Full articulation' goes past work to likewise incorporate volunteering, instruction and preparing, exercises dependent on your interests, connections, interests … it's everything that you do.
...of your identity...
This incorporates your wants, qualities, individual characteristics, normal interests, pail records, instruction and accreditation, extra aptitudes, life jobs, side hustles, past damages and wins and the impact of other individuals. Remember your very own musings and sentiments about your identity, and how you're communicating on the planet.
...also, how you need to be...
The vast majority comprehend what they don't need, and they stall out in the snare of just concentrating on that. Negative encounters are significant in helping you decipher your "don't needs" into "needs." So, "I would prefer not to work alone as much as a specialist" changes to "I need to fill in as a major aspect of a group".
Other individuals will say they are great with anything. This can be a device as well. It's enticing to take something "for the time being" that is average enough. The snare here: on the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea what you truly need, you can stall out in what you needed to stay brief.
What do you need? What's critical to you? These are the issues that uncover your wants, and guide you as you explore your life.  ...it continues growing...
In the event that you've at any point thought your profession is contracting, reconsider. There are no oversights. Take a stab at considering it thusly rather: negative encounters give clearness about what you truly need, since you get clear about what you don't need.
...as it normally experiences cycles...
It's flawlessly common that your identity changes. Think cycles, circles, and spirals, instead of an investigation work-resign straight line.
...Power of strength...
We regularly consider profession solidness as a transitory dream that never again exists in the present economy. Whatever the span of an occupation - a half year, 6 years, 16 years - utilize that opportunity to share your endowments. Reevaluate strength to imply that you're locked in with what you're doing. Stay established by that dedication even as both you and your general surroundings gradually moves, developing towards what will in the long run be the following huge change in your sights.
...what's more, change...
It's a platitude, yet the main consistent is change in vocation improvement. A standout amongst the best things you can do is figure out how to explore through these progressions and changes past your first employment, parental leave, lay offs, etc. Regardless of whether self-moved or remotely produced, numerous individuals think about back times of progress as both positive and testing as they give chance to vocation and life illumination
This definition engages customers by putting them at the focal point of their own encounters, basically, putting their entire world in their grasp. Imagine a scenario where you recast your way to deal with vocation utilizing this definition. How might it change your feeling of yourself as a professional? How might it change how you consider your own profession? How might it change things for your customers?

Though labor is sacred, child is a crime. People, who employ and engage them in different jobs, take full advantage of their minor age and their helplessness. It is seen that minor children are engaged house servants or maid servants and to work till late and night. They neither get handsome pay nor recreation. Rather they are always dealt with harsh abuse and reproof. Housewives find pleasure in punishing them mercilessly for silly mistakes. They are not given proper food and clothes. They shiver in winter and suffer from malnutrition. They are not given proper food and clothes. They shiver in winter and suffer from malnutrition. They grow up simply to become sick and to drag a miserable life. This inhuman process should not be allowed to continue further. We should not be allowed to continue further. We should find out ways and means to stop this dirty practice of child labor so that those distressed children get opportunity to grow up as worthy citizen.
Child labor is a great problem not only in our country but also all over the world. Employing children as works is a threat to us. It needs to be abolished. When a child is employed for work leaving his normal way of life is called a child laborer. According to the UN charter on child rights, a man who is still under eighteen is a child. It is a matter of great sorrow that a large number of children are engaged with heavy labor all over the world. The problems of child labor are acute in third world countries. Here the larger portion of population lives under poverty line. When the parents fail to manage their livelihood, they send their children to work for earning money or bread. So poverty is the main cause of child labor. In our country there are about five cores of children. Among them about 50,00000 are working as child laborer. About 55% of them are engaged with heavy labor and risky work. And a large number of our child laborers are under fourteen. About 4,00,000 children are engaged with work of house-hold. It is calculated that after five years the number of child laborers would exceed 1 core in our country. Our child laborers are neglected in many ways. They work hard but get a little. The child laborers are the victims of the victims of aggression and physical punishment of their employers. Sometimes they are severely tortured and become maimed for life-time. Sometimes they are the killed or burnt by the employers.
At an age when a child should go to school for education, he is go to garage or to a mill or factory. Sometimes they go to roads as a rickshaw puller. Sometimes they work in the fields as a farmer. But it is unethical and unexpected. So child labor should be abolished in order to give our children a happy, progressive and optimum life-style.
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Knowledge is power’ and brain is the container of knowledge. A man is different from a beast only for his brain that makes him learn to differentiate between good and evil. Physical beauty is an added quality. Life is enlightened for brains and not for beauty. A beautiful appearance with dull brains is of no use. On the other hand, a bugle appearance having a powerful brain can produce something for human welfare. So, brains have got prominence over beauty.

Beauty and brains are two vital factors foe humans. Someone would prefer having beautiful and good looking appearance and feel they are very lucky. On the other hand, someone would prefer having brains. I would prefer having brains than beauty.

Beauty is a comparative idea. Someone may be exceptionally beautiful wouldn’t last for life-time. One’s physical beauty can easily be abated. So the stability of physical attraction is not getting guarantee for life-time. If a beautiful women or a handsome man loses physical attraction, she or he would fail getting response from other people.

It is sometimes said that brain or talent is god-gifted thing. If it is such a thing, it requires nourishment properly. If one’s brain is not is not used, he or she is surely to be a worthless creature. Through use or practice of brain a man can do lot for himself, for his society, for his country and even for the world. A man who can do a lot for himself, for have physical beauty necessarily. A man of brains can easily win the heart of common people through his invaluable services to the mankind.

It is said man is a worshiper of beauty. But only beauty wouldn’t do long. The appeal of beauty must fade by the course of time. A man would found himself hapless and worthless with his faded beauty. Nothing would remain to him ultimately.

Talents are of great importance. Actually beauty a little to man or man woman or to the total mankind. On the other hand, a talented man gets the opportunity to give a lot to the whole world. If we judge we would easily comprehend that talented persons have given us much more services rather than the beautiful persons. So I want to assert that not beauty but brains win the heart of man ultimately.

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